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Let's Chat: COVID-19 and Staying Prepared

What to keep close by during the COVID-19 pandemic?1,2

  • Contact details of your doctor and pharmacist.
  • List of medications, doses and paraphernalia relating to your diabetes.
  • Simple carbs like, honey, jam etc. for when you are at risk of lows.
  • A repeat prescription and delivery of medication, if possible.
  • If applicable, have enough insulin for at least a week's use.
  • Hand sanitiser and soap to wash your hands.
  • Sufficient supply of blood glucose testing strips.
  • If applicable, Glucagon and ketone strips in case of lows and highs.
  • Enough household items and groceries to last an extended period.
  • A mask for when going out in to public.

Take extra care with your diabetes management during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, consult with your healthcare professional.

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