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Let’s Chat… Travelling with diabetes this festive season.

Having diabetes adds complexity to planning a well-deserved holiday. Changing your schedule, time zones, increased or decreased activity, eating on the go or trying new foods can affect your health. You will want to be ready for anything. But don’t stress! We’re here to make it easy, with a review of everything you will need for hitting the roads, skies, seas, or rails. Before travelling, make a doctor’s appointment and be sure to¹ Create a plan with your healthcare provider for treating your diabetes while traveling. Get any immunisations or extra prescriptions. Get a...

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Eating Healthy with Diabetes

You don’t have to sacrifice your target blood sugar levels to enjoy some of your favourite foods. Here’s how to eat healthy with diabetes, whether you’re cooking at home or eating in a restaurant. Carbohydrates and your blood sugar Carbohydrates are sugars. They break down in the body to create glucose, a major source of energy. Counting the carbs you eat at every meal and pairing them with the correct dosage of insulin can keep your blood sugar level closer to normal range.1 It also allows you to eat a wider variety of foods. In fact, your diet can accommodate any food in...

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Counting Carbs - Infographic

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Carbohydrate Counting and Exchanges

The myth: If you have diabetes, you can't eat sweets or sugar. The truth: A food doesn't have to be sweet or sugary to raise your blood sugar. Anything with carbohydrates will affect your blood glucose, whether it's from white potatoes, pasta, bread or Jelly Tots.1 Consult the Accu-Chek® Portion Plate for guidance. Of course, different foods may affect you differently. Why? Eating...

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