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Managing Diabetes in the Workplace

Diabetes does not have to limit who you are or what you are able to accomplish. In fact, having this condition means that you have a lot to offer others. By talking about diabetes with family, friends or people at the office, you can help them better understand the complications you face each day, while gaining their respect and support. Having said that diabetes is 24/7 and for those of us who take care of diabetes every day, life can be complicated—a lot more complicated than a person who doesn't have diabetes. Every item you eat, every activity you perform and even just vegging in front of the TV requires consideration,...

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Let's Chat about Children with Diabetes

Children with diabetes are just like children without diabetes—they strive for a little more independence each year. They want to receive positive reinforcement from their parents and they don't like to stand out from the crowd. As a parent, we want our children to be happy and carefree which often means having lots of friends, going to kid’s parties, participating in sports and having as much fun as possible. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in your young child may leave you feeling that the above will not be possible. However, over time, and with patience and some adjustments, you and your child will learn to manage this “new...

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Diabetes Self Management 

Find out what some of the most common symptoms and how to manage Type 2 diabetes here. 

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Managing diabetes during COVID-19

Let's Chat: COVID-19 and additional Diabetes Management measures

"I have diabetes! What additional measures should I take into consideration during COVID-19?" ​Be prepared in case you get ill. Keep your contact details up to date. Pay extra attention to your glucose control. If you exhibit flu-like symptoms - raised temperature, cough, difficulty breathing – or if you are coughing up phlegm, seek medical treatment immediately. ...

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Choosing 1 Thing to Improve

There are probably many things that each of us would like to change about our life, but thinking about them all at once can be overwhelming. Instead, choose just 1 thing to improve for now. Changing any 1 of the things below could have a big impact on your life with diabetes – both your physical health, and your emotional wellbeing. Make testing matter For people with diabetes, testing more often is the key to staying in control of your health. Frequent testing provides the data you need to...

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Turning a Down Day Around

Everyone with diabetes has good and bad days, days with in-range blood sugar levels and days when things just don’t work out right. When the bad day seems to be taking over, here’s how to turn it around. Perspective is everything Change your mind, change your life. When you look at your diabetes as something you can effect, as an opportunity to learn about your own health, you’ve already taken the most important step to a better day and a healthier life. Don’t forget to laugh! Humour helps you see everyday things from a new perspective. That’s why it’s such a great stress-reliever; it...

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Preparing for Pregnancy

Let's think into the future. Imagine sitting in a rocking chair playing with 10 brand-new, tiny toes. That's the image you can remember every time you check your blood glucose, visit your doctor or say no to a glass of wine. And it's absolutely worth it. Not ready for parenthood yet? Here's what you can do now There are several things you can do to prepare for pregnancy well before you're ready to conceive. Read about it – just not too much. When you understand the risks, you can take steps to reduce them, but it can be overwhelming if you dwell...

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How and Why to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When you get enough sleep, you may find that you have an easier time controlling your blood sugar. You’ll be more alert during the day, have more energy, less stress, and an overall better mindset for monitoring and managing your diabetes. Consider what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. In addition to other things that may interfere with your sleep, like schedule changes or stress, people with diabetes can have potential complications with sleep. Both high and low blood sugar levels can interrupt your sleep. People with type 2 diabetes who don’t get a good night’s sleep may be more insulin resistant and have a...

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Let’s Chat… Do’s and Don’t’s for good foot care, for people living with diabetes 

Your feet may be the last thing on your mind, but daily care and looking after your feet is  important too. Here are some do’s and don’ts for good foot care for people living with diabetes:  Do: Wash your feet daily using lukewarm water and mild soap. Test the temperature of the bath water with your hands before getting in. If you are unable to do so, let someone else test it. Inspect (or ask someone else to inspect) your feet daily for cuts, cracks, bruises, blisters, corns, calluses and damaged nails. Also check the areas...

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